Miracle Berry Transform Sour and Bitter

to Sweet.

As the name suggests, Miracle Berry miraculously transforms a sour and bitter tasting food in to something which tastes sweet. These Miracle Berries, also known as Magic Berry, Flavor Berry, or Taste Berry (Sideroxylon dulcificum/Synsepalum dulcificum/Richadella dulcifica) comes from a miracle fruit plant which is found in Ghana, West Africa. These berries contain active glycoprotein molecule, Miraculin, which when eaten combines with tongue taste buds to make bitter and sour foods taste sweet. How Miraculin causes bitter and sour fruits to become sweet is still a mystery. One school of thought believes that Miraculin distorts the shape of sweetness receptors so that they start accepting acids and bitter tasting substances. Miraculin rich Miracle Berries, have now a days become very popular with even nutritionists as these are used as a some sort of appetizers for healthier foods which otherwise would have been difficult to gulp down. Miraculin, in fact fools our tongue in to believing that whatever is being taken in to the mouth, is sweet.

Chevalier des Marchais during one of his trips to West Africa found out that local residents before having their normal meals ate a special red color fruit which more or less resembled like grapes. This was found on some typical shrubs. These shrubs were normally ten feet high and had fruits normally two times in a year.

The benefits of Miraculin are many but its usage is quite limited. Miraculin tablets, developed from Miracle Berries, are boon for diabetics. Once taken the effect of Miraculin tablets, remain there for thirty minutes to two hours. Miraculin tablets are quite popular in places like Asia where they are toast of diabetics and dieters. Miraculin tablets are difficult to find in places outside Asia but they are now available on internet. Since Miraculin tablets are effective only when they get in contact with tongue, therefore the most important feature of these tablets are their easier dissolvolability. Today, the these dis-solvable tablets taken in mouth prior to meals remains the only effective mode of their utilization.

Since, Miraculin is basically a protein so once it is cooked it looses its basic structure and properties. To popularize use of these Miraculin tablets, efforts are needed to enhance the yield of crops. Efforts are needed to grow Miracle Berries in other similar climatic conditions so that their output is scaled up. A word of caution here. Since the Miraculin only changes the taste, the chemistry and structure of food remain the same. Therefore extra precautions are needed to be taken so that acidic food is not taken in beyond a certain limit. People who have used these tablets have very interesting details to share about. Some said that they could easily gulp one full lemon without squinting. To them lemon tasted sweet and sugary. Another person shared that he drank one big glass of vinegar, believing the same to be refreshing lemonade. It won't be long when Miraculin tablets will become an inseparable part of foods of all health conscious persons.