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mberry elevates your taste experience, transforming lemons into delicious sweet lemonade. mberry products are all natural and are made from the finest hand selected miracle berries.

100% authentic and 100% honest, mberry contains no colorants or cheap fillers. So go ahead and Make Life Sweeter™ with mberry.

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Miracle Berry - The Taste Changing Berry

The miracle berry is a small red fruit originally grown in Africa which has extraordinary taste changing properties - it changes the taste of sour and bitter foods to sweet.

The active ingredient in the Miracle Berry Fruit, known as Miraclulin coats the tongue and blocks out the taste bud receptors which are responsible for sour, bitter and acidic flavours. The outcome is that all foods which taste sour, bitter or acidic miraculously come to taste sweet.

The miracle berry itself can be purchased from specialist fruit dealers, however the berry has a very short shelf life of only one or two days after being harvested, and the active ingredient miraculin starts to diminish immediately after harvesting, this means many 'fresh' Miracle Berries are lacking in miraculin because of the time taken to transport them. Also the price of fresh miracle berry can be anything from $3 - $7 each.

Therefore mberry has found the perfect solution to this problem.

Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets

Miracle berry tablets are a 100% natural pill made from the natural miracle berry which has been freeze dried. The miracle berry tablets are also known as miracle fruit tablets and mysterious fruit tabs.

Each miracle berry fruit tablet contains the freeze dried extract of 3 whole miracle berries. The freeze dried miracle berry extract contains the active ingredient miraculin in much higher doses than the actual miracle berry because the miracle berries are freeze dried immediately after harvesting, preserving 100% of the miraculin.

So far people who have used the Miracle Berry fruit tablets have reported that Guinness tastes like chocolate milkshake, vinegar tastes like treacle, tomatoes taste sweet like peaches, lemons, grapefruit and rhubarb are irresistibly sweet without tasting sour or bitter, and the taste of usually bland foods take on an unexpected flavour, sometimes not for the better.

What will your taste sensation be?

The Miracle Berry is becoming so popular in some countries now that many people are holding Miracle Berry parties! The effect is made directly from the tongue.

Take the Miracle Berry Tablet and leave it to dissolve on the tongue for up to one minute, allow the dissolved tablet to coat as much of your tongue as possible. After this you can then start to experiment with many foods and experience the taste trip, even have a Miracle Berry party of your own!

Miracle Berry Tablets / Miracle Fruit Tablets are available to order now.

Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets contain 350mg freeze dried miracle berry extract, these are THE ORIGINAL Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets.

Each packet contains 10 miracle berry tablets which split in half giving 2 servings per tablet - meaning a total of 20 smaller servings, or you can take a whole tablet for a longer lasting experience. Each miracle berry tablet contains the freeze dried extract of 3 miracle berry fruit and each packet of miracle berry tablets has an average use by date of one year from dispatch. Available in the USA at Miracle Berry USA , also at Miracle Berry Australia, Miracle Berry United Kingdom and Miracle Berry New Zealand.

The miracle berry fruit tablet changes your perception so sour food appears sweet. The miracle berry fruit tablet is ideal for people who need to limit their sugar intake as their craving for sweet foods is satisfied by non sugar containing foods. The miracle berry fruit tablet is 100% natural, with virtually no calories.

Eat foods that normally taste sour or bitter : lemon, rhubarb, vinegar etc. and experience the incredible taste sensation that the miracle berry tablet produces.

Product name: Miracle Fruit Tablet : Ingredients : Synsepalum dulcificum Powder, Corn Starch

100% Natural Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets - Contains only Freeze Dried Miracle Berry Fruit and Corn Starch which is used as a binding agent. Please be aware of cheap imitations - particularly those who claim their tablets are 100% Miracle berry as it is impossible to form a tablet without a binding agent. We are the only Miracle Berry tablets supplier that reveals the full ingredients of our taste changing miracle berry tablets online.