Miracle Berry Tablets

freeze dried.

Freeze drying is a process used in food manufacturer that freeze dries the food, usually fruit or nuts. Freeze drying is completely different from dehydration because with dehydration the product needs to be rehydrated before use. With freeze drying the water is not taken out, instead the food is concentrated at up to 20 times its normal strength. Also freeze drying does not take out any elements of the product, on the contrary it preserves the product better than any other process.

This makes freeze dried products as close to natural as you can get, but in a more concentrated dose. For a product such as the miracle berry, then freeze drying could have been invented just for this berry, because the miraculin which is the active ingredient solely responsible for the taste changing properties, usually starts to diminish after the miracle berries have been plucked from the miracle berry tree. This leaves little time to transport them, and we all know the main countries currently enjoying the miracle berry fad are USA and Japan, far away from the lowlands of Africa.

Transports costs are reflected in the miracle berry price on the open market in these countries, selling at up to $8 each, and even then there is no guarantee that the miraculin has survived the ordeal of many hours in transit. Therefore it makes more sense to freeze dry the miracle berry at source and make a product from the freeze dried extract, hence the product miracle berry tablets.

Freeze dried miracle berry tablets, because the miracle berry has been freeze dried immediately after they have been picked then you can be assured almost 100% of the miraculin has been preserved and frozen into the extract. The miracle berry tablets are then vacuum sealed into blister packs making them easily transportable, also this whole process ensures a much longer lifespan of the product, lasting for over one year ! Quite a long time considering the few days you have with the fresh miracle berry fruit.

Freeze dried miracle berry tablets are now available all over the internet, and there was a period were many websites were completely sold out, however new stocks were immediately produced by the manufacturer and they are now readily available.

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