Miracle Berry Fruit

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Miracle Fruit / Miracle Berry (Synsepalum dulcificum)

In its area of origin, West Africa, this slow-growing shrub reaches a maximum of 6 meters high. Its leaves are simple, elongated and dark green. It flowers for several months. Its small white flowers give birth to a small oval fruit which is bright red in colour. Its white flesh and fruit contains a single seed. Once in the month, this pulp has the property to cover the taste buds of the tongue. You will be able to eat a fruit acid, such as a lemon, without grimacing. On the contrary, the sweet and delicious taste of the lemon will be revealed!

The miracle fruit has the property to neutralize the acidity of foods eaten.

This effect lasts about half an hour. Studies are underway to exploit this astonishing property.

The miraculin is a protein that is found in the fruit of the "miracle fruit", Synsepalum dulcificum. This plant belongs to the family of Sapotáceas, and is originally from West Africa.

Name of the tree
Miracle Fruit Berry
From August to December
From October to April
Size of Miracle fruit
2 to 3 cm
Other names
Miracle berry
Fruta milagroso
fruto milagroso
Miracle Tree, Miracle Fruit
Magic Fruit
Magic Berry
Magic Fruit Berry
Miracle Fruit Berry
Berry Miraculous
The protein
a glycoprotein of a single chain polypeptide of about 28,000 molecular weight, has no intense sweetness itself, but profoundly changes the flavors to join the taste buds, transforming acidic taste to sweet. This effect lasts about 30 minutes.
West Africa
Chew this fruit pulp to alter the taste of food to very sweet. Eating even the most bitter of lemons, achieved an enjoyable sugary sweetness. The effect lasts an hour or two. The fruit is a miracle and a natural unknown in many parts of the world.