Freeze Dried Miracle Berries

fresh frozen Miracle Fruit.

This shrub native of Ghana in West Africa was planted in 1938 by Harrison Smith. Its common name "miracle fruit" comes from the property "extraordinary fruit".

This shrub always green, 4 meters high, has very slow growth, small dark green oval leaves and small white flowers which bloom for several months. Its fruits are growing throughout the year and one plant can produce several hundred fruit. The fruit is a small bright red ellipsoid approximately 2 to 3 cm in length which contains only one seed.

Although not sweet, the fruit of this shrub consumed fresh, produces the curious property of changing tastes, hence its name "miracle fruit". After eating, you lose for almost two hours sensitivity to acidity or bitterness and all that you eat has a sweet taste. After eating the fruit you can eat a slice of lemon without bitterness. This symptom lasts one to two hours and can be stopped by drinking water. Its main virtue is that it removes only the bitterness and acid in what you eat, natural aroma and taste are initially defunct. That is why this fruit is used to soften the bitter medicines mainly in oncology. The fruit is very perishable, its use has been limited until now.

At the end of 2005, a Japanese researcher found a way to keep this result in freezing the dried seeds, and then the freeze dried miracle berry extract was compounded into tablets to make freeze dried miracle berry tablets.

The freeze dried miracle berry tablets offer the best delivery system for the miraclulin as it can keep for over one year as opposed to the miracle berry itself which has a lifespan of just a few days after harvesting. Also the active ingredient miraculin immediately starts to diminish after picking.

Now freeze dried miracle berry is readily available all over the Internet in powder and tablet form.