The Ever Popular Fruit

the Miracle Berry.

This wonderful tropical plant has everyone excited. Here is a taste changing berry that can turn anything you eat from sour to deliciously sweet. It can make a lemon as sweet and succulent as a ripe peach just from eating one of these phenomenal red berries. It coats the taste buds to give you the full pleasure and taste of the meat of lemons, limes, and other foods that would otherwise leave you puckering. This fantastic little fruit is so popular it has even been put in freeze dried, and pill form. Just a small amount of the juice from this berry will coat your taste buds for up to two hours, making everything sour have a sweet and delicious taste. It has been considered as a possible dietary aid for diabetics and those of us trying to lose weight. Just think, a cake, pie or cookies with no sugars added will still taste just as sweet. This little bright red berry is so powerful you could drink a bottle of vinegar and it would taste as good as a milkshake. We're talking about a very unique discovery.

Although you can buy the freeze dried version or the pills, you can also grow your own miracle berry plant. If you are considering this, you'll have to be sure you don't live in a climate where you may have frost. In order to grow properly this miracle plant must be planted in a warm and humid climate. Frost will surely destroy this marvelous taste changing berry plant, since it is basically grown in tropical regions. These plants require bright sunlight that you may get from your window sill, but it's preferable to raise them in a filtered greenhouse, glass is not recommended. You must use acidic soil and these plants seem to thrive better in pots, letting the roots fill the bottom before you consider transplanting into larger containers.

Be sure to water plants about every three days, but don't over water or you could kill the roots. These plants need lots of humidity so you may have to spray a mist of water on the leaves to help keep the plant moistened. But once again-DO NOT WATER LOG. As far as fertilization, use a water soluble fertilizer. Use more in the summer than other times of the year. You can enjoy the sheer pleasure of this taste changing berry and make your life a little sweeter.