Miracle Fruit

the story.

The 'miracle fruit', Synsepalum dulcificum, has popularized the 'taste trip' a kind of shock tasting experience.

The "miracle fruit", or "magic fruit", is a plant fruit originating from western Africa that has the ability to reverse bitter sweet and sour foods that are eaten after eating the miracle fruit.

The "miracle fruit", whose scientific name is Synsepalum dulcificum, contains a glycoprotein known as miraculin. While the fruit is consumed, miraculin spreads over the entire tongue. and blocks taste buds that can recognize bitter and sour foods. The effect of miraculin lasts from 30 to 60 minutes, time in which foods are tasted now have an added sweetness.

The "miracle fruit" has gained great popularity in cities like New York, where organized "taste trips" are arranged. Here various meetings where many dishes and foods are tasted after ingesting the "miracle fruit" , In order to bring the taste buds to the limit.

For example, one of the diners inserted a slice of lemon in a glass of Guinness beer, shook it, and got a taste of "chocolate malt". Another filled his mouth with Tabasco sauce and stated that it tasted like doughnuts.

It has been proven in these "taste trips" that a mix of 'miracle fruit' with cheese, tequila, mustards, vinegars, dark beer, pickles, etc., always delight the guests: . A blogger describes the miracle fruit as "something that Willie Wonka could had invented."

Some bars in New York have been offering with cocktails, the miracle fruit, however has been a victim of its own success, because each miracle berry now costs 5 dollars or more.

One of the practical applications that have the "miracle fruit" as a good use is to help sick people who are resisting the taste of some awful tasting medicines.

Also, some companies are tinkering with the possibility of developing the plant, which could help people with diabetes.