Miracle Berries

the magic fruit.

Miracle berries are the fruit of the miracle berry tree that is grown in Africa in the wild.

After you eat miracle berries then the taste of most foods change, the majority of the time these foods taste sweeter than before, especially if they are bitter or sour foods or foods that contain acids. Mberry sell Miracle berries world wide though their store front, you can also get Miracle Berries in Australia from our distributer there.

There are many alternative names for miracle berries, they can be called magic berries or miraculous berries and taste changing berries but the most common name is miracle berries.

During the first few months of 2008 products containing miracle berries first came onto the market after a long wait. Although many people prefer the real miracle berries as opposed to miracle berry products, such as miracle berry tablets, there is a case for the products as the miracle berries themselves tend to be very fragile and the miraculin does fade significantly after the harvesting of the miracle berries.

Therefore a company introduced miracle berry tablets, which are made from the freeze dried extract of miracle berries, because they are freeze dried straight after harvesting then the miraculin is sealed and the tablets can last for one year.

The actual miracle berries are becoming very expensive because of recent demand, prices can be from 5 to 8 dollars each, however the miracle berry tablets cost about 2 dollars each and the biggest plus is that each miracle berry tablet contains the freeze dried extract of an amazing 3 miracle berries ! Making sure that there is plenty of the active ingredient.

Many people have bought miracle berries and found they had little effect, this is because the miracle berries have been transported thousands of miles from Africa and in bad conditions, and the fruits are almost devoid of any miraculin.

Therefore even if you could obtain fresh miracle berries then there is no guarantee that you could experience a taste trip, however with the tablets a taste trip is guaranteed because of the sheer amount of miraculin frozen into the tablets.

Miracle berries are very small, about the size of a cranberry, however they are packed full of important vitamins, with the freeze drying process all these vitamins are also preserved and frozen into the miracle berries.