Miracle Berry FAQ


What is the Miracle Berry
The Miracle Berry is a wild berry. The Miracle Berry is also known as the Miracle Fruit, Magic Berry and the Sweet Berry, its Latin name is Synsepalum Dulcificum.
Where does the Miracle Berry grow?
The Miracle Berry is native to Africa, however it is now cultivated in Asia mainly in the far east.
How is the Miracle Berry used?
The Miracle Berry has been used for centuries by indigenous people in Africa who would chew the berries first before eating less tasteful foods.
Are Miracle Berry Pills safe are there any side effects?
Miracle Berry Pills are made with 100% natural ingredients - we even use corn starch as the binding ingredient as opposed to more synthetic methods, therefore there is no risk whatsoever and no side effects have ever been reported sp far. Be aware of cheap imitations - particularly those who claim their pills are 100% Miracle Berry as it is impossible to form a pill without a binding agent. We are the only Miracle Berry supplier that prints the full ingredients online and displays scans of the actual packets.
Do I need to wait for my order of miracle berry tablets?
N0, we are fully stocked with miracle berry tablets and your order will be dispatched within 12 hours or earlier depending on the time of your order.
I have bought miracle berry tablets from another website - they display the same packet as yours but I have not yet received, is this website yours?
Please be aware that many websites are selling miracle berry tablets, and some are stealing the images from this website and sending an inferior product. You probably bought this item through a website that used sponsored advertising. We sell the original authentic miracle berry tablets ONLY on this website