Buying Miracle Berries

mberry the original.

There are now hundreds of websites and online stores where you can buy miracle berry products. The majority of these claim to be official retailers or the first on the internet to sell miracle berry tablets or miracle fruit, however a very tiny percentage actually display the ingredients and packaging of their products. So if you are looking to buy miracle berry products, such as fresh miracle berries, miracle berry tablets or freeze dried miracle berry powder then how can you distinguish which websites are genuine and which are bogus.

There has been an overwhelming demand for miracle berry products, in particular the miracle berry tablets, and many online retailers have jumped on the bandwagon. Also there has been a spate of many websites selling miracle berry tablets which have no authority in search engines and rely on sponsored pay per click advertising such as Google adwords.

We have received many complaints from people who have purchased miracle berry tablets from a website that they found through using this kind of advertising and many people claim they have ordered the miracle berry tablets 6 or 7 weeks ago and still have not received their product. If you are looking to buy miracle berry products then please steer clear of websites like this. These sites are quite easy to spot, first of all they have about 3 or 4 pages only, most of the content they use has been copied from elsewhere on the internet, they use sponsored advertising to get traffic and cannot be found in a natural search and they display many dubious 'testimonials' from supposed satisfied customers. These are all common practices used by individuals who want to quickly sell an up and coming product without wanting to establish or invest in a proper company.

If you use this kind of website you have no idea where you money is going, a student in his bedsit can set up this kind of website in about 15 minutes ! When the miracle berry was featured on TV a few weeks back, on the Graham Norton Show, Richard and Judy and Have I got News For You, then overnight dozens of these miracle berry websites appeared. Many of them we personally checked, funny how they had dozens of testimonials and yet the website was only registered the previous day ! Also nearly all these websites claimed that because of the huge demand from people wanting to buy miracle berry tablets that there is a huge queue and you may have to wait a few weeks before your order is processed. The truth of the matter was that these vendors had not yet even bought (and probably did not even have the funding) to buy miracle berry tablets from a wholesaler and were stockpiling peoples money in order to make a purchase from a wholesaler.

So if you want to buy miracle berry tablets then please bear all this in mind. Only part with your money if the website displays their address telephone number and contact details on the site (a real address not a PO Box address and a real phone number not a mobile phone number). Most of these websites seem to want to hide behind an email address or PO Box number. Many of these websites do not display clearly whether or not they have them in stock at the checkout, they have a small link somewhere on the website about order status and when you click it, it will tell you, so do not assume that when you buy miracle berry tablets that you will not have to wait many weeks to get your order, (if you get it at all !) So buy miracle berry tablets only if the seller has them in stock.

Here at the Miracle Berry Organisation we clearly display our address and telephone number, we have the products in stock, we send our orders out within 24 hours, we are an established business and we are easily found through a search engine, we do not use sponsored advertising, this also cuts down our costs allowing us to sell miracle berry tablets at the lowest price possible.